There's a lot of reasons to like the Hub City, here are five quick ones.

Cole Shooter,
Cole Shooter,

Lubbock has its pitfalls for sure, but it also has a bunch of upsides. I imagine I could do a much, much longer list, but I thought I'd knock out a quick one.

  • 1

    Top Notch Medical Care

    You guys don't even know what it's like going to the doctor in a really large city if you did, you'd never complain about the service in Lubbock. We have a nice cross-section of services and quite a large number of specialists and smaller medical care facilities.

  • 2

    It's A Clean City

    Once again, it's easy to focus on a few bags in the trees, but for the most part, Lubbock is a REALLY clean city. It doesn't look grungy as a rule and folks around here are pretty good about upkeep on their homes and businesses.

  • 3

    You Can Get Anywhere Quickly

    I'd say the average trip across Lubbock runs about minutes. I can certainly make it from across the airport and be parked at the Mall within that time frame. Folks who live closer to the heart of Lubbock have even shorter travel times.

  • 4

    There's Always A New Restaurant To Try

    It's true that some may die so others may live, but there's always a new restaurant opening in town. Lubbock loves to eat and we have no shortage of places that open here. Just as quick as someone says, "I wish we had a ______here", there's a ______here.

  • 5

    The Rent Ain't Bad

    In most Lubbock neighborhoods the rent was a couple of hundred bucks below the national average. In fact, the cost of rent actually dropped since last year. Less rent to pay means you can spend your money on more fun stuff and that makes us all happier.

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