Most of us are in the supermarket or superstore a couple times a week. Anything you visit this much is bound to have many, many frustrations.

Thinkstock / Old Shoe Woman, flickr / Thinkstock
Thinkstock / Old Shoe Woman, flickr / Thinkstock

Just about the best thing you can do when you enter a store is give yourself over to the fact that there are rude and inconsiderate people and there's just not much value in confronting them for it.  As for your part, you can at least try not to be one fo the rude ones. With that in mind, I've compiled a list of the absolute rudest recurring problems that happen while you're in the store.

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    The Two Lane Merge

    This is just a douche move. The scenario is simple, there are two long lines and one person gets in the middle of both in order to take the shortest one. The main problem is when you get behind them you have no idea of where to get in line.

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    The End Of Counter Interuption

    This one happened to me the other day. We were all waiting in line in a peaceable and orderly fashion. The store was packed and the clerk was trying to catch up, and some soccer mom, who is obviously more important and more in a hurry than the rest of us, comes up to the end of the checkout lane and starts interrupting the cashier and asking him questions. Seriously, go to the help counter.

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    The He Just Went To Get One Thing

    How many times have you been in line and the person in front of you has a friend/relative/child/spouse running to get "just one thing" holding up the entire line? Here's how this one works, if you're runner isn't back by the time it's your turn at the counter, you punt to the next one back in line.

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    The Does This Count As Too Many Items

    If the sign says 10 items, it means ten items. Here's how that dilemma goes.  A six pack of Cokes is one item. Six Cokes is six items. The way you count is by how many times the cashier has to swipe.  You don't get to have six different kinds of cheese and call it "one" because it's all cheese. Use your noggin' and be considerate of other people.

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    The Big Put Back

    Man, this one makes me mad. It can also be very dangerous. We've all seen where someone has decided they didn't want something so they throw it on the nearest shelf. That's kind of okay. When that item is something perishable it's a total jerk move. If you leave chicken in the cookie aisle, the guy in charge of stocking has no idea how long its been there and it has to be thrown away. Congrats doof, you just drove up prices for the rest of us.  And what if some newbie accidently puts it back and that meat has gone bad? That's food poisoning for the people who bought it.  Be considerate, put stuff back where you found it.

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    The Garden Center Shuffle

    Groceries should never be checked out in the garden center. It's a total wack move. That area is not set up or trained for large baskets of groceries. It's separate from the rest of the store for many reasons, like the face that lawn chemicals, that could poison you, probably shouldn't be in constant contact with your pork chops. That area also features many heavy items like patio sets and lawnmowers and those people shouldn't have to wait behind you and your kids 18 new pairs of summer shorts.  Just don't, okay?

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