October in Lubbock is amazing!

I'm just so pumped about October in Lubbock. Of course, it's a known fact that I love all things spooky, but there is so much more to this time of the year in the Hub City. I can't even think of a month that compares? December is kind of special, but it's not that different from December everywhere. Yep, October is #1 around here and here's why:

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    It's When They Bring The Cotton In

    October is the unofficial start of the cotton harvesting season. Some farmers stretch this all the way through December, but October is when you get that early "look" at the cotton and how it affects the economy.

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    The Food

    Think about this, on Saturday mornings we're still tailgating with brisket, but by the end of the month, we'll be into those meals that it's been too hot for like stew, chili or caldo. October is really when Lubbock goes from hot to cold, so the food goes from cold to hot.

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    Rocktober Is A Thing And It's Not

    Okay, no one uses the term "Rocktober" anymore. Still, October tends to be a last-minute rush of bands trying to knock out a few gigs before the holidays. There are at least ten national roadshows making their way through Lubbock this month.

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    We're Just Down The Road From Floydada

    Floydada is the pumpkin capital of the world and with Lubbock being one of the nearest "big cities" around we get to reap the giant orange benefits. We get huge, healthy pumpkins on the cheap (and I love that smell of a candle burning inside a pumpkin).

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    Halloween, Haunted Houses & Trails

    Lubbock is not shy about celebrating Halloween. The Halloween attractions fill up, there's plenty of trunk or treats for the kids and there's a grip load of parties and events to choose from.

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