For some of you on the fence, or haven't had the time to get around to it, I have five reasons why you should get vaccinated.

The goal is simple guys. We need to try to get to a 70% vaccination rate for things to really start rockin' 100%. The goal to do this is the 4th of July.

5. You could help special needs people. Many special needs people have such precarious health that they can't really take a chance on a vaccine. Yes, vaccines are safe, but any change at all in a special needs person's routine can seriously affect their health.

4. You don't want to kill anyone, do you? I know you'd feel bad if you accidentally ran someone over in the street, so why doesn't the thought of passing a potentially deadly virus on to someone bother you just as much. It would be hard to live with for sure.

3. Your family needs you. They need you now and forever. They don't even need you down for two weeks or two months or whatever it would take for you to (hopefully) bounce back to full strength.

2. You don't need kind this kind of a break. On the surface, the idea of hiding out in your house for a couple of weeks playing video games doesn't seem like a bad idea, but that's for the very, very lucky ones. Some people get it so bad that they literally have to crawl from place to place, including the bathroom.

1. Your country needs you to do this. Do you want to prove America is great? Then show how strong we are. Don't let any other country think that we are weak and divided. Let's show everybody one more time how America leads the world but putting a red, white, and blue boot up this viruses kiester.

Badasses in Facemasks

Badasses in Facemasks


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