Is it hot enough for you? Well, let's get creative and figure out some cheap ways to cool off for less money than you can find in your couch. 

You have to be creative and have a sense of fun, but you can stay cool for almost nothing.  These are some very simple ideas that you may not have thought about in a bit, but if you make plans to do them, all of a sudden they become an "event" and not just a great cool down, but a great distraction, from the heat.


  • 1

    Water Balloon Fight

    Bring out your inner kid and pick up a bag of balloons for a buck at the dollar store. Heck, if you have $3, go ahead and get a couple of squirt guns too. I'll bet you forgot how much fun you used to have when you did this as a kid.

  • 2

    Pimp Your Fan

    This video shows you how to make your fan run cooler, but it can be even simpler than that. You can put a tray of ice in front of your fan and it will pick up a little of that cool and blow it your way.

  • 3

    Start Feet First

    Occasionally I have aching feet, the remedy is a bottle of ice water that I roll my feet on. As luck would have it, this also works to cool your whole body.  Just put any bottle or container of water in the freezer and when it's ready, plant your feet on it. You'll be surprised how much this helps.

  • 4

    Grab Your Blender

    Most everyone has a blender. Most everyone forgets they have a blender. It's time to dust that sucker off and put it to work crushing ice cubes. You don't even have to get it dirty, just puree those ice cubes and pour a soda over the top for a killer slushie.  If you want to get creative, freeze some fruit and make a smoothie.

  • 5

    Go Shopping

    There are tons of options in this category. You could go to the mall and see where your whims take you, or you could just spend a day comparing prices at grocery stores. Some of the bigger retail outlets also have changing rooms so you could spend the day trying on clothes (enjoy that breeze during your undressed times).

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