Since we're making changes, let's do what we can to improve on all levels.

So Mr. New Football coach, consider this: I'm a regular guy and not a big sports nut. You should probably be aware that it's the regular folks who fill most of those seats in the stands.

As somebody who's put in about 35 years hard labor with the folks in Lubbock, here are some things you must do if you're going to hang around.

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    Yes, people will forgive just about anything if you're a winner (except allegedly putting a sportscaster's son in an electrical shed....oh snap!).

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    Pass the Ball

    Winning is good, but it's hard to put the genie back in the bottle when you let it out. People in Lubbock are used to a high-flying, action-filled game. It puts butts in seats and keeps the crowd entertained. I'm afraid that just grinding it out won't be good enough anymore.

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    Yeah, we can go back to Coach Leach again here. Had he shook the right hands or kissed the right butts, he'd still be our coach. You know it, he knows it, everyone knows it.

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    Be an Authoritarian

    I am REALLY not happy when the players misbehave. I personally think it says EVERYTHING about a program when the members act like jackasses. Even the superstars need to know that they'll be held to a higher standard than regular folks.

  • 5

    Be Media Savvy

    Coach Kliff had the looks, delivery, and intellect to play the media like a fiddle. He could have had widespread support and sold himself to Lubbock in such a way that no one would ever want to get rid of him. Instead, he just kept quiet and did his thing, which, while admirable, makes folks a little wishy-washy about you.

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