Did you know, "What is Lubbock, Texas known for?" is a popular search"?

Of course, people always want to put a little spin on a list like this for promotion. Yes, we have great medical and yes, we have a lot of winemakers, but those aren't the things that someone in middle America thinks of when they think of Lubbock. Instead, I'm putting these five things in my top five:

5 Things Lubbock, Texas Is Known For

Lubbock's Chickies Tasty Treats Is Halloween Candy, Elevated

Elevated Halloween treats from Lubbock's chocolatier- Chickies Tasty Treats

Lubbock Local Challenge: Tumbleweed + Sage Coffeehouse

Next time you want coffee, consider local first! Tumbleweed + Sage is a fantastic choice. Located in Wolfforth, its a very short drive from South or West Lubbock.

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