Let me set this up properly one more time. I do not smoke weed. I'm just a guy who calls b.s. when he sees b.s.

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Chambers County Sheriff's Office

Our new Attorney General is promising to bring back the failed drug wars of the 80's and 90's. If you ask me, this is the main reason for mistrust in the U.S. Government. Near everyone knows that marijuana isn't harmful, or at least worth throwing someone in prison for. Since Corado legalized it they are raking in the bucks and functioning quite nicely, thank you.

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    Stop The Flow Of Misinformation

    I actually jumped in myself a week or so ago when a local story said that folks had overdosed on "hydro". I believe they were either horribly misinformed of mixing up weed with the synthetic crap.  Once again, if you Google "marijuana overdoses" you come up with zip. It's b.s. and we need to stop it.

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    Share The Success Stories

    I've known people who could have benefited from marijuana's anti-seizure and anti-inflammatory properties. Too bad they died before the success stories got out there. I know one kid has been prescribed massive doses of pain killers for joint pain (he has a very real condition). A little weed does the same job and he's not hooked on narcotics.

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    Elect Politicians Who Listen

    Governor Greg Abbott said that marijuana would not become legal on his watch. Think about that. Isn't it politicians jobs to facilitate the will of the people? We didn't elect a mommy to tell us what's good for us, we elected someone to represent our wishes. People like this need to be thrown out of offices and replaced with people who take the word "representative" seriously.

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    Short Circuit Prosecution

    Go ahead and serve on that jury. Refuse to implement minimum sentencing, don't prosecute people who are low-level weed smokers or dealers. Why should someone be put in prison because they were supplying folks with something they consider medicine?  If they weren't selling to kids, then I'm sure as hell not sending them to jail.

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    Discourage Law Enforcement

    I'm sure more than one policeman or friend or relative of a policeman is reading this.  There's no reason to waste your time on small time smokers. If you want, dump their weed out, but don't waste your time trying to enforce a law no one wants you to enforce. You have discretion when you encounter people. Give them a warning and send them on their way. I personally believe that Policemen are heroes and they don't need to be weighed down with pot smokers.

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