Are you rockers up for some challenges? Reconnecting with your music is always an awesome thing.

Yes, we actually have a ticket giveaway under this title (and you'll see it below) but it's more than that. It may seem silly but "rocking" is a positive and uplifting way to go into the New Year. "Rocking" has even become synonymous with "doing great", that's how important it is. So with that in mind, see if you can check all five of these off of your to-do list for 2018.

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    Support Your Local Rock Radio Station

    It's not just FMX. Wherever you are it's important to support your local radio station and it's advertisers. Your local radio station is the conduit between live shows, the other rockers in town and the community at large. It's great that you can get music anywhere these days, but there is a connection that comes with being a part of your local radio station that you just don't get from out of town satellite and streaming sources (just ask someone who's moved and is homesick for Lubbock).

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    Buy Some Music

    Sometimes you forget how awesome it is to support your favorite artist and/or sit down and experience the full-length artist experience intended with an album. Myself, I've been doing l.p.s here and there and it has been awesome.

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    Download The FMX App

    We try to spread the giveaways around between on-air, on location, in the VIP club and with the app. The app is also your shortcut to our stories, our stream and more. It also looks pretty dang good on your phone,

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    Go To At Least Three Road Shows

    We don't get that many shows around here for various reasons, one of which is, there just aren't that many bands on the road anymore. A lot of this is due to the economics of touring. If you support shows then shows will continue to come. It's really that easy. Three is just a great place to start. So maybe Metallica, the FMX Birthday Bash and at least one more?

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    Enter The Resolve To Rock Contest

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