So, you think you might win Wednesdays Powerball drawing? Well, I have some ideas on how to spend your money.

$450 million just doesn't go as far as it used to. While you think it's enough money to set you for life, you could blow it really easy and not have a whole bunch to show for it (kind of like Spicollo at the end of Fast Times spending his reward to hire the Van Halen to play a party).

So in case you just don't know how to offload this much money, here's some suggestions for you.

  • 1

    Buy A Painting

    Back in November a Leonardo Di Vinci painting called "Portrait of Christ" sold for $450 million at auction. Check with the owner and see if he'll take the cool $10 million profit. Oh, and if you weren't already convinced this was a good deal, for some reason Jesus is holding a crystal ball in the picture.

  • 2

    Pay Lubbock's Bills For Six Months

    You could pay the entire operating budget for the city of Lubbock, for about half a year. Imagine the nice thank you notes you'll get from folks for paying for all of our services. Or, do you think it's possible that if you pay half of Lubbock's estimated $742 million dollar  budget, they'd just find more ways to spend that money they saved?

  • 3

    Build A Better Yacht

    A Russian billionaire had a super yacht built that is the size of a football field. The total price tag on the thing was about $450 million. Surely you don't want the commies to win the super-yacht contest, build one onch longer with your $460 million.

  • 4

    Put A Downpayment On The Dallas Cowboys

    10% is about right for a down payment, right?  The Cowboys are the most expensive franchise in sports and are worth around 4.2 billion. Providing Jerry is in a good mood, he just might take your 10% and a handshake promise to pay back the rest.

  • 5

    Buy Up All The Fidget Spinners

    ...and throw them all away. It was estimated that fidget spinners were a $500 million dollar trend. If sure that they are not so hot right now, you could start a buy-back program with your $450 million.

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