It's never too late to set a New Years' resolution, but it is easier to track if you get started this week.

So how can you make things "mo bettah"?  Small changes and as an old friend once told me, "you can always do better"...because there are no limits on better. Pick something on this list and RESOLVE to do it. Just give it a try. There's no harm in trying.

  • 1

    Quit Fighting

    Think back over all the fights you've had, in person, online or whatever. What did you gain? You may have gotten some smug satisfaction at the end of the day, but the store doesn't cash smug satisfaction checks. Just walk away from the fight. Leave the bickering to someone else.

  • 2

    Be Empathetic

    We had a great conversation on the RockShow the other day about all of the new reserved parking spaces popping up for pregnant women, police, veterans, and others. The true measure of a person should be if they qualify for those types of things but chose not to use them because someone else might need them worse.  Put yourself in somebody else's shoes whenever you can and act accordingly.

  • 3

    Read More

    Reading more long-form works shapes your mind. The books can even be graphic super-hero comic books, but having your mind focused on one thing, as opposed to the jumping from topic to topic on social media, will give you a sense of peace and inner strength. This may sound like a bit much, but it makes you feel smart, even if the book you're reading is dumb.

  • 4

    Learn To Cook

    This one should actually be "Learn To Cook, And Share Your Talents".  Nothing brings people together like a big dinner. It doesn't have to be expensive and if you're the cook, you can choose the price tag. Make up a holiday or an excuse, or find another couple of cook friends and once a month rotate to each other's house.  Cooking improves your focus and can give you a great deal of satisfaction.

  • 5

    Learn To Build, Create Or Produce

    It's easy to walk around stressed that your job is not fulfilling. You may not spend most of your waking house doing what you want to do in life, and you may not even get that chance, but you CAN determine what you do in your free time. For zero to almost no money you can carve, restore furniture or grab a set of watercolors. Heck, it even feels silly because there's so much you can just have to resolve to do it.

  • 6

    Donate A Little TIme

    You have a little time that could make a huge difference to a local organization. It's your time too, so you can set the boundaries on it. Do you have ANY idea what it would mean for you to jump in and give another volunteer even a twenty-minute break once a week? Do you know what it would mean to a shelter animal for you to spend ten minutes with it? Even better, do you know what it means when you team up with a half dozen friends and work as a group to pitch in an hour once a month? YOU can move mountains.

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