There are certain idiosyncracies here in West Texas, that just aren't that well known outside of the area. Some do apply to Texas at large, but these are what the homeskillets are cookin'.

Do you know what Poutine is?  Not a lot of people from around here do. That's because it started as a French-Canadian thing and hasn't reached her. Sure, some folks here have heard of it, but it's not really our thing around here. Around here we have our own "things" and I think you'll recognize all of these.

So goes this list of six things that you know if you're a West Texan.

  • 1

    You Call Everyone Sir Or Ma'am

    Some folks actually take offense at this, but they don't realize it's a sign of respect, not a sign of age. This is one thing that people in West Texas truly have 100% right. You address people with respect until they give you a reason not to.

  • 2

    You Know At Least Three College Hand Signs

    I never saw a college hand sign in my life until I came to Texas. Now I know the Guns Up sign, Hook 'em Horns and Gig 'em Aggies.  I'm sure there's more, but I can throw any of these at will.

  • 3

    If The Cotton Is Good, So Is The Economy

    I think at this point healthcare or education may have beaten farming as the number one industry in West Texas. Whether they have or not, cotton is king in everyone's mind. The days when cotton was everything still echo in our economy. If people believe the cotton is going to be good, they have more confidence to spend their own money.

  • 4

    No One Will Truly Challenge Whataburger

    I don't care what burger place moves into Lubbock, they will not seriously challenge Whataburger. They may have long lines for a few months, but things will settle down then it's back to Whataburger. Whataburger killed two of my favorite chains already, Carl's Jr and Jack In The Box.  Whataburger is the taste that Texans like, and no one will knock them off their throne.

  • 5

    It's A Dust Devil

    I was driving across a large parking lot when we saw something up ahead. I said, "check out that Dust Devil". The scientist next to me said, "yeah that a cool vortice". "Vortice", seriously?  That may be the drill down scientific explanation, but the name, especially around here, is DUST DEVIL.

  • 6

    The Cowboys Will Be Back

    The last time the Cowboys were in the Superbowl the Macarena was popular, Toy Story was in theaters and your computer was running Windows 95. Still, we all know the Cowboys are "America's Team".

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