Hey kids! Reading builds empathy and actually re-wires and soothes your brain after you've hammered it all day with social media and/or short videos.

I thought I'd knock out another list of books for you. Now, this is the kind of thing that makes me feel a little on edge because I know people are judging my reading, but these are just books I recommend, not all that I've read (in fact I spent nearly a month getting through a book which I proclaim to be utter bull hockey, but I'm not a quitter). I'd also like to recommend "The Branding Ax" by local author Justin Fulkerson, but it's not quit 100% done yet. I was able to read the first 90 pages and it was excellent.

So anyways, here's some of the stuff I've enjoyed:



Wes’ Top 7 Reading Recommendations

Wes' Top 7 Reading Recommendations


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