I posted these tips to some of my friends who were having a stressful online experience and I thought you might enjoy them.

Of all of the embarrassing things I've done in my life, fighting on Facebook has to be among the worst of them. It's just so pointless to engage with strangers who don't really mean anything in your life. When someone posts an opinion online, they're already set in their thinking.

Then, there's the fact/problem with who you are arguing with. I've never been called a name or treated rudely by a doctor, lawyer, or highly-educated person. The trolls are always people who haven't done much with their lives and are generally low in cognitive ability.

Now that you are a bit more at ease with the idea of letting things go, here are the eight tips I posted:

  1. Start each day with a positive post
  2. If you feel the need to express yourself, do it on your own page
  3. Unfollow those who are pervasive in their ignorance
  4. Report the egregious offenders
  5. Ask yourself, is this the experience I came here for?
  6. Join groups for a real sense of community
  7. End the day with a positive post
  8. Remember that we may fall short, but we will have been better in our attempts.

Lastly, I'd like to add this nugget: If you are truly hoping to inspire some kind of change, don't even bother approaching the opposing side. There's a huge swath in the middle that are undecided, and therefore are far more reachable.

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