It's possible to love a place and want better.

Just like a kid you want to make better grades, it's hoped that someday Lubbock will try a little harder in some areas. With that in mind, here are some things to work on.

The Lack of Planning

Everything is moving west in this town. It doesn't matter what gets left behind. It sure seems to me like it would make more sense for everything to be bunched up and built over as needed, but I guess land is cheap and the city doesn't care which way it grows.

The Bricks

Yes, the bricks downtown are very controversial. They are both historic and teeth-rattling. They have outlasted asphalt that came decades after them, but still seem to be an idea that time has passed. The humps downtown don't help a lot either.

We Close Up Shop Early

Can we PLEASE get some of our 24-hour stores and restaurants back? We have giant megastores full of armies of people restocking shelves and pulling orders and you can't afford one person to look over the self-checkout? Just a reminder to all of you with businesses, you're paying rent for all 24 hours, you should use them.

This jerk:


That's the hate preacher that shows up at Pride events with a contingent of weirdos to make things uncomfortable for everybody while converting no one. This guy isn't making gay people better, he's making Christianity worse.

He's currently upset about a drag queen story hour at a coffee shop, which as I understand is not mandatory for anyone.

Dogpiling on Restaurants

The good people like to swarm new restaurants, then leave them to flail about after that. I'm not even sure what it takes for a new restaurant to make it in the Hub City. It seems that even the best get about nine months then everyone is on to the next big thing.

The Lack of Culture

Saying "the lack of culture" does not mean we lack culture, it just means that we aren't exposed to a lot of the things that are out there like traveling museums and art exhibits.  Most of those types of traveling educational experiences are like the mega-bands out there who only hit the major cities.

The Drivers

I don't know how many times I can put this on a list. Learn to merge. Use turn signals. Don't stop on a busy street before turning into a parking lot. Seriously, the 'rules of the road' is actually a small list that's widely ignored. I'm thinking that some of the tickets written out there need to come with a fine and a return trip to take a driver's test.

The Dead Animals

I know this town is overrun with strays and critters. I also have no doubt that the city and county staff are covered up, overworked and underpaid. I'm not blaming anyone, but could we make it a little more of a priority to pick up the roadkill? It just seems like the de facto solution here is to keep running over these things until the last bit of fur or feathers blows down the road.

The Dirt

It seems like we went through a short spell back there when the dirt was diminishing. Improved farming techniques, developed land and a few other odds and ends made it seem like Lubbock was getting a little less dusty. I then believe that Lubbock weathercasters manifested haboobs to have something to talk about and all of a sudden Lubbock was like a scene from The Mummy. Dang.


The Ignorance

This article will bring forth some of the ignorant puddinheads who'll say, "well, why don't you move?" Well, Einstein, every town has some things that will annoy someone. This is my hometown and I've worked hard to make it better and I'm not giving up on that. Lubbock will be better, smarter, and more worldly for those of us who choose to stay and point out where we can improve.

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