West Texas is hard country. If you don't watch your p's and q's you could end up in a bad way.

I know you want to think of Lubbock as a big-little town. Maybe you think of it as a charming place where everyone is friendly. Guess what? The specter of death wants to shake your hand too. While the grim reaper sharpens his scythe, I'll give you a list of "Nine Things In Lubbock That Could Straight Up Kill You".



  • 1

    Other Drivers

    Yes, 1 and 2 will be related to drivers. This entry here is dedicated to idiots of all types, from those who don't quite get the concept of driving, to those who act out against others in a fit of road rage. I have to say, I'm surprised more people aren't killed in these type of accidents.

  • 2

    Drunk And Impaired Drivers

    Let's be honest here, there are more cases of people driving under the influence of something than the cops will ever catch.   A lot of these people benefit from "fools luck", which is the belief that stupid people can have good luck for no reason.

  • 3

    Random Acts Of Violence

    You've seen the stories of bad hombres picked up in Lubbock. You've seen the family on family violence. You've seen and heard the stories of late night and drive-by shootings. It's all real and it all happens here. Lubbock routinely makes the list for "the most violent crime". In a least one place we're listed as having four times the national average.

  • 4


    COVID is still nothing to fool around with. Proper immunizations, less severe strains, and immediate medical care have helped curb the deaths. If you insist on fooling around and finding out, then you could add to the 1,333 deaths attributed to COVID in Lubbock County.

  • 5


    If you are at the risk of anaphylactic shock, then we have wasps, bees, fire ants, scorpions, and much more. Let's not forget those brown recluse spiders that will eat away your muscles. I hate to even mention it, but we've even had some wild dog attacks. You also have to worry about whether the skunks are rabid or whether to swerve or not when some type of other best runs out in front of you. Oh, and rattlesnakes aren't common, but they are here.

  • 6

    Your Health

    Lubbock is not the healthiest place around. In fact, the life expectancy in Lubbock is a year below the national average. U.S. News and World Report rates our cities health at a "54".  While I'm not going to look at every entry, I'm pretty sure 54 out of a hundred is an F-

  • 7


    Last time I checked Lubbock was a drug supermarket. We have meth, oxy, fentanyl, and even heroin out on the streets. None of this is even to mention random prescription pills making their way out there. It does not seem that we have any shortage of dealers, addicts, and just plain users out there.

  • 8


    It has been a long time since Lubbock has been hit with tornadoes. Now while I don't believe there is such a thing as being "overdue", I do believe that we have most of the same atmospheric conditions that we had back in 1970.

  • 9

    Other Weather

    I'll bet it wasn't until recently that you thought that a person could never freeze to death in Lubbock. Then there's the mind-melting heat. The hot and cold may not be worthy of their own listing like tornados, but together they are a force

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