If you haven't had Texas Steak Express, then it's time. If you have had it, then you'll agree that it's time again. Right now, you can win $100 from Texas Steak Express.

Texas Steak Express has to be one of those things that makes Lubbock feel like home. You can just be sitting there at your house and have steakhouse-quality entrees delivered while they're still hot and juicy. You can also pick up your favorites.

It's not just steak, either. Shrimp, burgers, salmon, salads and all the sides are also available. This is a treat that is unlike any other.

To win, just download our station app at any time, head to the VIP section on the home screen and get entered.

Make sure you get entered by New Year's Eve (Dec. 31st) to get in on the winning. Good luck.

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