Top Left: An original FMX ROCKARD (with pink nail polish spilled on it, for whatever reason).
Top Right: FMX ROCKARD Employee only card
Middle Left: FMXpress Card
Middle Right: FMXpress Card Employee only card
Bottom Left: FMX ROCK CARD
Bottem Right: Twisted Sister SMF Card

So let's get to the history of all of this, shall we?

Back before every drug store and gas station had discount cards, there were the FMX cards (of various types). We had deals all over town on where you could "save money by flashing the FMX Rockard."

Most stores that had these deals also had a window sticker that identified them as a place where you could save a little here and there.

Even more important than the average 10-15 percent you could save was knowing that you were dealing with a store that was "cool" and often even played FMX in the store.

The cards were also allegedly used for separating piles that needed to be separated for whatever purpose (usually the marshmallows from the rest of the Lucky Charms is my guess).

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