They say this may have been the hottest July on record.

As a matter of fact, some scientists are saying this was the hottest July in 12,000 years. With this kind of heat, a lot of us are just aching to scootch on into Fall. Yes, it seems like we didn't even get to have a Summer because it was really too hot to do anything. Hopefully, the sun will take a break from trying to murder us and we can get into some nice breezes and chilly nights (or at least not nights that feel like your bedroom is an Easy-Bake Oven).

Fall means any number of things. For me, Halloween is probably the biggest thing, but it is actually also the vibe of everyone getting together before the weather gets too cold (our winter problem) and we start hibernating. Fall, of course, also means back to school and football, and even Christmas peeking around the corner.

For me, Summer ends and Fall begins, not just when the Halloween items hit stores, but when the flavors of Fall show up on store shelves. You see if it's a flavor, it means it's close and not just on the horizon. This is why we were stunned, delighted, overjoyed, and ecstatic to find the nearly half-gallon jugs of pumpkin spice at Sam's Club.

These bad boys are 58 ounces, 1.81 quarts of pumpkin-y goodness! Believe it or not, we will probably go through a half dozen of these before Halloween is over. Hello Fall, and hello pumpkin spice!


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