I know you guys read about negative experiences with our area hospitals, but how about some positive ones?

I, unfortunately, spent some of the last three weeks in the Lubbock Heart Hospital and Covenant Hospital. In both cases, I found caring, responsive and helpful medical professionals, nurses and assistants. Yes, there were some complaints from the patients being treated, but that's the nature of being in the hospital. You don't complain when you're not in pain and when you're in pain, no one can get you your medicine quick enough.

My suggestion to you is to be calm and have your questions thought out when you do get time with medical personnel. They are balancing multiple patients and sometimes they themselves are waiting for answers.

My best tip for dealing with medical personnel is simple, try being the nice patient/family. If you are pleasant to be around, people will be around you more. Have some basic human empathy for the demands of the medical staff and realize that there are rooms full of people who are angry that their loved ones are sick and are taking it out on the crew.

So with that, I would like to just thank these and other medical professionals for taking care of the people I love and for the hard work they do every day.

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