Last night (August 28th, 2022), I received an urgent, but hushed, phone call from my husband.

I'm going to be late tonight we just sat a fifteen, and it's f***ing Megadeth, I'm so stoked, okay I gotta go, love you, bye.

I can assure you from the depths of my soul that my husband has never been stoked to stay late at work, even though he loves serving at a popular downtown Lubbock restaurant. (I'll let you guess which one it is.)

I'm a Megadeth fan and have been my whole life. My mom likes to tell stories of me playing a Megadeth cassette tape in my Teddy Ruxpin. I remember still loving them when I got my first Walkman and jamming out to Countdown to Extinction while walking the dog around the block. I think I was in love with Dave Mustaine's voice. I know I'm in love with his incredible riffs. I'm very happy I got to see them perform in Lubbock when I was a teenager.

In spite of this love, here's what I didn't do when I got this news. I didn't get up, get in the car and drive over there to get a peek or a picture. Because every single one of us deserves a day off, even rock stars. I was praying everyone would leave them alone and let them have a nice meal.

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I'm sure my husband had a "oh my god, you're Megadeth" twinkle in his eye, but I'm also sure he gave them excellent and professional service. He's good at what he does. He did get to shake Mustaine's hand at the end of the night. My husband told me everyone was absolutely nice and cool to talk with.

After the band left, the crew closed down the restaurant while Megadeth played over the stereo. I'm a little tired this morning because, of course, I had to stay up to hear all about it. I know what Dave ordered, but I'm not telling.

Megadeth is currently on tour with Five Finger Death Punch.

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