When I look outside the window, I see cracks in the streets. When I travel home, I see under bridges that are falling apart. We have a homeless problem in Texas, heck we even have a feral pig problem in Texas. What we don't have is a transgender bathroom problem, but that's apparently what your money is being spent on.


I don't even get mad at this stupidity anymore. If this is the kind of ignorance that you don't mind paying for, well then, watch as your kid's schools fall apart from a lack of funding. At least you'll feel safe from non-existent threats in public bathrooms. THIS is what politicians do; create a problem where there is none, then set themselves up as the ones to fix it. To be more callous, they invent problems like this so they don't have to tackle the tough ones like streets and bridges.

A new group called TXtogether.org has put together an open letter from over 140 celebrities and musicians ranging from Sting and Jimmy Kimmel to ask for an end to efforts to pass a bathroom bill.  Sure, you may not care about these artists, but trust me when I tell you that many of your favorite acts will head north of the Lone Star State if this bill becomes a law.  I'm not kidding you, we are in danger of becoming a second-class state. We'll lose entertainment, business, tourism and so much more. All of this so some politician can suck up to scared 80-year-old ladies.  It's a shame.

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