I mentioned to Kelly that a famous stripper/porn star had sat in her chair before and before she yucked out, I mentioned that a famous drummer had sat there too.

We've had many guests in the FMX studios, so many in fact, that I'm not even going to include the old studios (on Villa Drive) on this partial list.  Just know that if you've visited the FMX control room, you are in great company. Some of the guests we've had include:

Lars Ulrich of Metallica

Bridgette The Midget (I had to include because she inspired this blog)

Pantera/Damageplan Vinnie, Dimebag, and friends


Eddie Guerrero

Geoff Tate of Queensryche


Brent & Zac Myers of Shinedown

George Thorogood

Nothing More

Killswitch Engage/Times Of Grace

Chris Jericho


The Toadies



Coal Chamber (one of my favorites)


This is just a partial list. As time went on it became much easier to "take the radio station" to the venues and talk to the artists there, but it's still cool that our guest chair has been kept warm by some very fun people.




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