There are certain things you just get used to driving past in the Hub City.

I don't know how many long-time Lubbockites threw a munch at the Pizza Hut that was on 50th Street (over by Taco Villa and not too far from China Star). My guess is most everybody had a pizza party there when they were a kid or maybe a night out there when restaurants were a little more scares in the Hub.

The location quit being a Pizza Hut a long time ago, but maintained that familiar building structure that made you say, "Hey, that building used to be a Pizza Hut."

The building spent the last of its years as Estrella's Mexican Restaurant. Although that place never seemed to have a large crowd, it was still surprising to see the whole thing torn down, seemingly in one day.


I have no idea what will go up in that spot, but long-time Lubbockites will always say, "there used to be a Pizza Hut there."

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