I know you guys are out there trying to help the community, not ruin lives.

So to all the police, sheriffs, judges, and prosecutors out there, it's time for you to worry about more important things than marijuana use. I know you are smart enough to realize when someone is doing something that could potentially harm others and something that may or may not only bring harm to themselves.

As of November 2021, 2/3rds of Texans thought that marijuana should be legalized. 13 states of totally legalized pot while another 13 have decriminalized it. There have been practically no ill effects from this and it's proven to be a huge boon to their tax bases.  Right now Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado are watching tons of Texas cash flow in.

Most marijuana smokers are harmless and I'm sure you'll have no problem separating them from the ones who are. There's no good reason for someone to lose their livelihood or do any time for something the majority of Texas and America think should be legal.

Pot smokers are caught up in a political game and may be for some time. We have way too many lawmakers who won't do the will of the people, they'll only do the will of the people that line their pockets.

I am asking, with all this information in hand, that you cut harmless pot smokers a break. I'm sure you may think, "the law is the law", but it is also illegal to hunt buffalo from a second-story window here and I don't see anyone setting up stings for that. A guy playing frisbee golf high, or a person relaxing at home after work are not a threat to our community and should be left alone until the politicians step up and do the right thing.

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