If you've been around Lubbock for a minute, you know Andy Eppler.

As a matter of fact, one of my favorite Andy Eppler tracks is actually about Lubbock (below, performed by his band The Prairie Scholars).  The crazy thing is, I didn't really make contact with Andy until he moved to his new home in Colorado.

Andy is the very definition of an artist. He won't be put in a box musically (he transitioned from Americana to more of a soul sound) and he also creates art, film, clothing, and more. I guess I want to touch on one of those "mores" too. Andy actually created a talk show called, "Boulder County Tonight" in his adopted hometown of Longmont, Colorado in which he told jokes and interviewed local folks. It was some very fun stuff (this link starts with a 30-minute interview with a stuffed monkey). You can also check out and purchase some of Andy's art here.

Some of Eppler's works will be archived at Texas Tech and he saw this as a great opportunity to let the folks in the Hub City see what's been going on. Andy will have a special collection at the Nashwell Cafe at 1212 Avenue K this Friday and Saturday night. Andy is also celebrating the release of his latest e.p. called, "Lonely Disco: Lust Letters To My Friends".

Andy will guest on the RockShow on Friday morning and we expect it will be WILD. Andy has stories that will absolutely knock your socks off.


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