The past couple of years have been incredibly hard on small restaurants and businesses across the country, and we've said goodbye to some really tasty local places that simply couldn't make it. I've written countless articles about restaurant closures, the saddest of which, are the restaurants that opened right before COVID-19 hit, or very soon afterward.

1000 Degrees Pizza is closing its doors, unfortunately, they have really been struggling. They've been serving our community for the last 2 years, and I'm willing to bet that the pandemic did not help their situation, at all. It's really a shame that we won't have them around for much longer.

You can still enjoy a great pizza there until February 28th, 2023. That gives you 4 days from the time of this being published to head over and grab a bite to eat. I know they would appreciate being able to tell their favorite customers goodbye. They gave thanks to a long list of local businesses and organizations and regulars that have supported them since they opened, including Lubbock ISD, Wolfforth ISD, and countless others.

Lubbock is very sad to see them go. We are big pizza fans around here. In fact, Lubbock actually recently ranked #30 on '2023's Best Cities For Pizza Lovers', a survey that covered the top 200 best big cities in the United States for pizza fans. Losing another pizza place is definitely a bummer.

Thank you, 1000 Degrees Pizza for serving our community as long as you did. To everyone else, the weekend is coming and weekends are MADE for pizza. Order yourself a pie, if you have a chance, and give those guys a high-five.

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