The countdown is on to the most wonderful night of the year.

April 30th marks six months from last Halloween and six months until next Halloween, but it's a little better than that.

April 30th is also Walpurgis night, the night when witches' powers are said to be at their strongest. Of course, these days "witches" are most likely your local candlemakers, palm readers or Stevie Nicks. I don't believe there's anyone around to turn you into a newt or keep your soul in a bottle.

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Walpurgis night is also a big anti-witch night with some customs calling for the burning of a puppet of a witch in a bonfire. This seems very unfair to be for someone who likes crystals.

Moderating this fight between witches that want to party and people who don't want witches, is, believe it or not, the Church of Satan, which designates the day as Hexennacht, "a day to remember those who were victimized by superstition."

So now that I've made this halfway-to-Halloween date extra spooky, how will you celebrate? A good scary movie is always a good way to start. Maybe you can dig out those pumpkin and ghost cookie cutters and bake up a dozen fresh cookies. Then again, maybe you can just spend a pleasant evening with 'A MAN WITH A HOOK HAND!" Incidentally, if you're ever being stalked by a man with a hook hand, just challenge him to a typing contest and you'll come out okay.

My guess is that April 30th will come and go with nothing but a meme or two to remind you that we're halfway to what may be our most normal Halloween in three years.

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