There is a scourge out there my friends and it's basically caused by not paying attention.

birthday bash 2017 tickets
Photo: Justin Massoud, KFMX

Let's take the recent blink and Garth Brooks shows and roll through some examples here.  Before blink tickets went on sale there was at least one company selling tickets for
"between rows 1-6" for $400. This put me in a panic because I hadn't heard that there was going to be any "rows", that is, seating at all.  I quickly investigated it and found out it was b.s. All tickets for that show are general admission, and always have been.

Of course, there were several ticket sellers promising you awesome seats for Garth Brooks before he ever went on sale.

Apparently what these companies do, if not straight up rip you off, if take your orders and then send their agents to try to buy the tickets to fill your orders. This means that in some cases, there's no way they can deliver.

So what can you do about this?  Well, listen to your local radio stations of course. I've said it many times before, we don't promote concerts, but we help those people who do by being a constant conduit of information between the promoter and the ticket buyer.

Also, realize that in Lubbock, 99 out of a 100 shows will have their tickets at either or  The Garth show was an anomaly, one that we hammered home (on the stations that mattered). The point being is if you're dealing with anyone other than the two mentioned, you should really do some investigation before you plop your hard earned money down.

Lastly, some of you buy "tickets" that are of the "print and scan" variety. It's a great bit of technology and you shouldn't worry about it, unless you bought them from someone other than the licensed ticket vendor.

Our promoter has had to turn away a lot of folks with fake tickets. There's just nothing else he can do. The bands get a cut off those tickets, he can't just be nice and take care of you because you got ripped off. He has to turn over those scanned reports and if there's more folks than tickets, he can end up in trouble too.

So, give your favorite radio station a few minutes of listening time, or drop by our websites. We can help keep you from getting ripped off. We don't mentioned the licenced seller everytime, but trust me, we do it hundreds of times for each show.


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