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A whole bunch of agencies with more letters than a Scrabble game teamed for the bust.

Lubbock Police Department Special Ops, DPS Criminal Investigation Division, TABC and Homeland Security Investigations just conducted a joint operation to take down a plot to destroy the world with lasers. Okay, no, that's not what they did, but with that many folks involved, you'd certainly expect more than a three-day investigation into whore-mongering.

Yep, a few of the guys got bonus charges other than solicitation, but for the most part, these 15 guys were busted for trying to hire a part-time lover. (sorry to Stevie Wonder for the song reference).

I have to admit that I have no idea what day-to-day is like for any of these agencies, but it just seems like there would be more important things they could be doing than protecting these guys from having a good time.

You LEOs don't get mad at me, either. I'm also concerned about you having to go out and conduct operations like this during a pandemic. I know most of you would rather not be too face-to-face with people who are probably not wearing masks (unless they're paid extra).

I guess I should also mention that one of the guys arrested was a friend of mine. I know he wasn't up to no good; he probably just was in the mood for some sweet hand-loving or something. (Please treat him well in jail and give him extra ramen.)

Sorry for having a little fun with this. I'm sure these things are necessary in our community from time to time, and it also probably allows the agencies to track down bigger and better things.

Prostitution Arrests

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