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We're going to start by learning a new word today, kids.

Jodey Arrington is a sycophant. Here's your definition from the interwebs:

syc·o·phant. (sĭk′ə-fənt, sī′kə-) A person who attempts to gain advantage by flattering influential people or behaving in a servile manner.

He is also a tool. Of all the nothing burgers out there, he is the blandest, one-patty on a dry-ass bun served in a brown bag with no markings on it snack. He does nothing but toe the far-right party line because he knows that's what'll stir up the angry people in his district.

The House of Representatives approved a measure 371-28 to condemn QAnon, the conspiracy group that believes in a satanic celebrity pedophile sex cult that can only be brought down by President Trump. So how hard is it to say, 'that's not a good thing'? The answer is, apparently, too hard for Jodey.

I don't care what his reasoning is; if you don't vote against this, then you are for it and that makes you trash in my book. Before you think I'm being too harsh, let me ask if you believe that there is a satanic celebrity pedophile sex cult? My guess is if you've made it this far into the comments without crapping yourself in anger, you think it's ridiculous, too.

If you're just driving a car when people rob a bank, you're still an accomplice. Arrington is an accomplice to the people that spread these lies. This guy is a $500 haircut over an empty head.

Do something, Jodey. Take a stand. Represent the good people of West Texas. We don't have to agree on the issues, but make them REAL issues, not conspiracy-laden garbage.

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