We had a great opportunity to speak with Asking Alexandria drummer James Cassells, and he answered the question everyone's been asking: Is Danny Worsnop back for good?

Singer Danny Worsnop is back touring with Asking Alexandria after a year-long hiatus and nasty split. The reunion prompted many questions, including if he's just doing this for the cash, to take care of some old contract obligations and if he's truly back in the family.

After dancing around the subject for bit, founding drummer James Cassells revealed that Danny is back in the band and that they are planning on recording new music together. (We just love it when everybody gets along!) Cassells was very gracious about the time that was spent recording and playing with now-ousted singer Denis Stoff, but seemed pretty happy that the family was back together.

So how happy is the family? Well, as you'll hear at the end of the interview, they had just rented a yacht for a little at sea partying together.


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