I lot of us are judged by the extreme examples, the best or the worse. This can leave the guys in the middle with some undue weight on their shoulder.

Rob Snyder, KFYO.com
Rob Snyder, KFYO.com

Here's the long and short of it: I have never had a bad experience with a Lubbock policeman or anyone from the Sheriff's Department.

Now, I'm sure some of you may have had one, but really think about that situation in your mind and put yourself in the policeman's shoes and even a lot of those less-than-stellar encounters are understandable.

To my knowledge, we just haven't had incidents of police targeting people or animals, or even being too overly aggressive. We are, in fact, pretty darn lucky. You guys know me well. I'm not afraid to call anyone out, and I'm not afraid to give people the credit they deserve.

It's easy to see bad cops from elsewhere and think "all cops are bad," but that isn't true. Even in those departments, you'll usually find that those cops who respond poorly to situations are outliers and not representative of the whole. I'm betting the good cops aren't real happy with those jerks for giving them a bad name either.

Let's also get another thing straight before the haters jump in. A policeman is not a jerk because they gave you a ticket for speeding or enforced a law; that's on you. If you're treated poorly for no reason, then maybe you have a reason to complain.

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