I'm not going to pretend to be a basketball fan. I'm just an observer here that sees that Coach Adams has already done great things for Lubbock.

Coach Adams is negotiating a long-term contract with Texas Tech. In fact, by the time you read this, he may have already signed it. I just want to reinforce that he's worth it.

He's worth it because guys like me know who he is. He's worth it because he took an absolute dumpster fire left by the previous coach and turned it into an appearance in the NCAA Championships. He deserves it because he's loyal and he deserves it because he's a good guy. He deserves it because he has already shone a huge spotlight on Lubbock and Texas Tech.

It's time that a "regular Joe" gets rewarded, signed, and taken care of like the big boys with their press agents and job skipping. It's also time to reward the loyal Texas Tech fanbase by giving them THEIR choice for coach (and it's really obvious that Coach Adams is their choice).

I met Coach Adams right before the beginning of the season and helped him cut his very first radio commercials. He's humble, unassuming, and just a great guy. He's here because he wants to be here. This guy could write his own ticket right now if he wanted to. In fact, everyone's greatest fear should be that somehow his good nature is taken advantage of. This is one of those guys that probably won't ask for everything he deserves, so we need to make sure he gets it anyway.

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