How much corn dog could you handle?

Image by Nina Garman from Pixabay/Facebook Pronto Pup
Image by Nina Garman from Pixabay/Facebook Pronto Pup

Does Texas Have The Biggest Corn Dog?

This is a hard one to pin down. When I searched for "The World's Largest Corn Dog" I was directed to a story about a 30-foot fiberglass corndog on top of a place called "Pronto Pup". When I refined my search and asked for "The World's Largest Edible Corn Dog", I was still directed to that fiberglass beast, which you probably should not eat (Fiberglass is not edible). Beyond that answer were any number of stories about giant hot dogs, but nothing about corn dogs. This leads me to believe that Texas has a shot at the title.

Where To Find A Really Big One

In 2023 A renaissance fair in Texas had a booth serving up 24 inch corndogs. That's TWO FEET of corn dog madness and I'm all about it (More of a corn LOG, than a corn DOG, am I right?). My research shows that the average wiener is about six inches (go ahead and keep laughing), that means this corn dog is the equivalent of four hot dogs. THAT is a lot of corn dog and it seems like it should be a part of some food challenge. I would absolutely take on this challenge even though the corn dog runs about $18.

The Secret Shame Of Corn Dogs

Some corn dogs live a life of lies and we need to talk about it. I cannot speak on this 24-incher, but many longer than average corn dogs are just made by slamming a couple of wieners back to back. For me, finding out that it wasn't just one big wiener was like finding out Santa wasn't real. I hope I didn't ruin your corndog dreams by revealing that fact here.


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