We are about to announce the first of (hopefully) four more shows for 2022. I'm pretty pumped for the lineup and I think your gigglebits will be tickled just a bit by the announcement.



The show we'll announce will happen on a Tuesday frightfully close to Halloween. Yep, it's a Tuesday, but you're a rocker and I think with the infrequency that we have any shows at all, you can make plans to stay up past your bedtime and rock.

The show will happen outdoors and feature some newer, fresher faces. It does look like we'll have a presale code for you, with the presale happening Wednesday (so go ahead and check your available funds now).

It's crazy to me that we've had fewer shows than usual, but the lineup is looking so good. Don't forget that Tesla is still out there for the old skool and with a little luck we'll have a little bit of this and that, from the 90s to now, on the docket going forward.

This show is an FMXclusive event, so the only place to get the real lowdown is right here with Lubbock's Rock Station. So any guesses as to who we'll announce is coming to Lubbock? We know that a certain portion of our audience is going to be stoked on this one.

One note: we know that there is absolutely no show that will make everyone happy. That's zero. None. We ask that save your energy and be positive about the shows on our social media. We do not want to jeopardize ANY show with negative comments. Let's stick together and get back to some live music in the Hub City. 

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