In the Stephen King book "The Dark Half," there's a reoccurring theme of large groups of black birds. These birds are a sign of sinister doings and can really creep you out in person.

Apparently, from talking to an employee, I learned that this extra large group of birds is a regular thing at the Walmart on Slide and The Loop. I'll confess that I'm not really afraid of birds; the reason they freak me out is all of those mites and nasty stuff that live on the birds. I'm over most of my fear of diseases, but wild birds are just gross.

I guess this video could be scarier, but I wanted to stir them up for you, and all I could think of to yell was "Go to Harambe!" Yeah, I know.

Check out the birds and how little they even care that I'm trying to stir them up; they move, but just a little.


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