Wanna hear some guitar kids?

The new track from Black Veil Brides shreds. I mean the guitar work is CRAZY.

Black Veil Brides have always had a polarizing effect on people. Their look might be too goth for some and their sound too pop for others, but I've never heard it that way. This band has so many influences that they rock that I prefer to think of their sound as something for everyone to like. But, back to that guitar...Jake Pitts gives a guitar lesson on fluid speed picking on this track, then for the solo puts one down that would sound right at home on any Avenged Sevenfold album.

The video itself is really cool and is shot or treated with that color saturation that makes it look like one of the early videos from MTV. There's some cool spooky stuff in the video as well.

Black Veil Brides will be at the 39th FMX Birthday Bash as direct support for In This Moment and I for one am happy to add them to my list of live experiences. With ITM and BVB this show is destined to be a feast for the eyes and ears.

After you check out the new track, double back for "In The End" which now sits at over 125 million views.

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