Once again, I go with the lesson taught in the movie/graphic novel "The Watchmen", sometimes the best way to bring people together is to give them a common enemy. The problem is, making "the media" the common enemy is laughable.


So what is "the media"? If you want to define it as the major t.v. networks, CNN, Fox News, the major market newspapers and other really large organizations like that, that's okay, but let's start blaming "big media" instead of "the media".

So now that we've kicked the major out, who does that leave?  Well, there would be your local t.v. stations and newspapers.  Below that, would be your smaller websites and bloggers. This is the area I wanted to focus on because it's the area I know best. Do you think Abner Euresti is in the secret Illuminati?  Do you think Ron Roberts wakes up trying to bring government officials down? Do you think there is someone in Washington who says, "this is a good idea, but I wonder what Wes Nessman in Lubbock thinks about it"?  Are you even serious with this stuff?

When I think of media on our level, I think not just of information but I think about the Toys For Tots drives, the food bank drives, the help with missing children, and the people letting us know how our drive to work is going to be the next day.  I refuse to believe that whatever person delivering the news (or even blogs for that matter) has an agenda, and if they do, it really doesn't add up to a hill of beans.

"The media" is no different from "the plumbers" or "the accountants". We're all just doing a job we're paid to do. Some of us try harder than others. Some of us are more "looped in" than others. Some really care less and just want to get home at the end of the day.

So what's the point of all of this? Well, simple. How would you like it if everyone in your profession were called liars?  I know attorneys don't like to be called "ambulance chasers" and "used care salesman" is often used as a slur.   We're all just folks. We shouldn't be defined by our profession, only by how well we do that profession.

Saying, "the media" is just putting a generic punching bag out there and the equivalent of saying "hey look over there" and running away.

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