We have been passing along some blink tickets here and there, but it's time to get serious about it!

Facebook: Blink-182
Facebook: Blink-182

Just listen for the FMX Ticketmonster to score your freebies.  All tickets won through the Ticketmonster will also get you wristbands for the FMX Voodoo Lounge.  The Voodoo Lounge is that little area next to the stage.  It offers a unique opportunity to check out the show from the side stage.  We have been leaving it open for people to come and go, but since this blink show is going to be big, we're going to lock it down (we're always happy to allow handicap/wheelchair access, though).

Driver kicks off the giveaways this afternoon. Just in case you're new to town, this is what the Ticketmonster sounds like:

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