April/May is generally considered the start of "Tornado Season" around here.

Daniel Loretto

Along with tornado season comes the calls to install tornado alarms. This is again a 1950's solution when we have 2018 technology. Giant horns should only be used by giant clowns when exciting their tiny cars.

Texas Tech has an AMAZING alert system. That's all we need. A nice little alert/app to let people know when they are in danger. Cell phones are everywhere. The homeless guys on the street can frequently be seen checking messages in between picking up change.

But what about the people who don't have phones? Well, what about people that don't live near the horns or have their t.v.s too loud, or who have become complacent because of the horns being tested. There's no way you're going to reach everyone, so you have to go with the most cost-effective way or reaching as many people as possible. If only every person had some kind of device that would allow you to communicate with them.....oh wait, they do.

Build the app, or build an alert database. It's not that hard and it's not that expensive.

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