I believe Lubbock has just received an awesome honor. For whatever reason, Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin insisted on a return to Lubbock. This isn't hyperbole; he really told promoters he wanted to play Lubbock again.

Breaking Benjamin continues their hot streak with a return to the Hub City on Wednesday, October 18th. Here's something crazy. First off, it's been two years since Breaking Benjamin stole the show at the 2015 FMX Freakfest, and guess what day that was? Yeah, October 18th.

Lubbock has benefited in the past from other bands spreading the good word about our city, and we at FMX would like to personally thank Ben for his love for Lubbock. We know it will be returned by the crowd on October 18th. Openers are to be announced.

***Please note. This is listed as an acoustic night at the Pavilion***  Personally we're pretty excited about experiencing the band this way. The band should may have new material out by then too.

Get ready for the show and check out glimpses of the Hub City in the above video for "Failure." (Some of the drone and other footage was shot here.) Also, check out some awesome footage we took after Ben Burnley asked the thousands in attendance at Freakfest 2015 to break out their cell phone flashlights below.


    The Last Time Breaking Benjamin Played Lubbock

    Freakfest 2015

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