A Brownfield area farmer was ejected from his tractor yesterday afternoon.

A friend and frequent contributor to The RockShow was traveling in from Denver City to Lubbock on Monday (January 31st) when she witnessed a horrible scene just outside of Brownfield.

A passenger truck reportedly pulled in front of this tractor, resulting in the driver being ejected. Fortunately for the tractor driver, our friend is an emergency room travel nurse.

Here's the story in her words:

Heading home and rolled up on this… A truck pulled out in front of this tractor. It threw the guy out of the tractor and into the ditch. I jumped out of my car to check on the guy…he’s lucky to be alive. We got to talking, and we know some of the same people. I even got him to laugh a little before the shock set in.

She also told me:

I assessed him, applied pressure to the bleeding and did neuro checks until the ambulance got there. He pretty much laid on me and shook.

As for the folks in the passenger truck, they apparently walked away from the accident fine.

I'm not going to cast aspersions as to who is to blame here, I'm only going to say that we should be a lot more careful out there on the streets. It's not unusual at all for our farmers to have to use highways and city streets and caution should be used at all times. Let's hope everyone walks away from this with just a big lesson learned.

Tractor Wreck

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