I'll sum this up easily, the people most likely to complain about "cancel culture" are people who deserve to be canceled.

Let's start with this, most people who have been "canceled" have only had their business put on pause while they work their way back into good graces. They never were "canceled" completely.

This past week or so Marilyn Manson and a country artist named Morgan Wallen. Manson, who I absolutely love, has been accused of abusing women for many, many years. Yeah, it's going to bother me that was going on during the recording of these records and I doubt I'll put one on until he steps up and takes ownership of his abuse issues. As for Morgan Wallen, he was caught on film, drunk, yelling the "n" word after a rowdy party.

Now let's drill down on Wallen for a second, because his dirty deeds were caught on tape. First off, there's an old saying, that "what you say when you're drunk is what you think when you're sober". Next up, for the country fans who are complaining about a top artist being "canceled", I have one question for ya; what do you think about the Dixie Chicks?

So all of this leads me to forgiveness. Yeah, these knuckleheads need to be put back in their place, perform some acts of contrition and possibly work their ways back into the spotlight. Of course, all of this depends on their willingness to work towards forgiveness.

I'm more of a "slow your roll" than complete cancel kind of guy. I understand some people just don't know how to behave and need to be given an opportunity to re-evaluate the way they do things. So yeah, let's cancel people, but let's give them a chance to come back.

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