5 people were killed in Colorado Springs Saturday night.

In an act of hate, a gunman opened fire inside a club in Colorado Springs this past Saturday night. The club was known as an LGBTQ+ hangout. Five people were killed and at least 25 were injured, some critically,  before people in the club took the gunman down. Reportedly, this same gunman had threatened to blow the place up before.

I don't know why people at large haven't realized that the hate that is directed toward this community could be directed at them anytime. To me, directing hate toward this community is as random and pointless as directing hate toward people who bowl. These people were minding their own business, in a (formerly) safe space. They weren't pushing an agenda or threatening anyone's sexuality or doing any of the other things that their community is so often wrongly accused of. They were dancing and having drinks with friends, and that was it.

Politicians and pundits have made it part of their playbook to kick down towards this community in order to get you to vote. It's gross and hateful and it results in situations just like this. It needs to stop now. We have people who spread hate just like this in our town and if you ever wonder why they get called out, then look no further than this incident.

There is a candlelight vigil for the victims planned for this evening. Right now the get-together is planned for 5:30 at 2501 19th, but those details are subject to change. These people need to be remembered and we need to remember that hate has real-world consequences.

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