I find this immensely entertaining.

It's interesting that a lot of the same people who will speak out against what they call "cancel culture" are calling for a boycott of Carhartt apparel.

At issue is Carhartt's insistence that its workers get vaccinated against COVID-19. Apparently, requiring vaccinations has gone from protecting your clients and coworkers to "medical tyranny" ( 'cause everything someone doesn't like is some form of "tyranny" these days).

Okay, I don't know why these people want to be up in some company's private business, but have fun using your energy on that. Also, some of the dumber-than-dumb are burning their Carhartt stuff, which is crazy because they already have your money.

Now to back up a little bit, apparently, Carhartt is/was a niche brand that makes tough outdoor wear -- stuff for farmers, oilfield workers and other hard-working men and women. This may also be why I've never, ever heard of the brand or even saw one of their logos until all the Carhartt memes started popping up this weekend. That's my point. This niche brand is going mainstream because a small number of people are threatening a boycott.

Let's close this out with a question: "when was the last time you saw a boycott work"? I don't recall any boycott working at all. Heck, the last boycott I even remember was the NFL, and they're doing better than fine right now. I do understand that sometimes you want to make a personal statement or not do business with someone because they are against your principles, but doing it loudly only gives them free publicity.

Here's a little tidbit I picked up. A Pew Research study said that only 6 percent of people were responsible for 73 percent of the political Tweets (out of 1.1 million studied). Most people won't know there's a boycott, and even less will care. In my opinion, this boycott is making Carhartt a household name. If that's not benefitting them now, then it will in the future.

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