The Big Rock Radio Show has a stellar lineup for you this Saturday night.

Photo by Khris Poage
Photo by Khris Poage

Saturday nights are when I get to cut loose and have my fun and it's going to be a big one this week. Let's drop back and punt for a second before we get to the big news.

On Saturdays, I have a number of features. The Eight O'Clock Rock Block (four from one artist), Dime Time at Nine (A different Pantera, Damageplan, Dimebag cut every week), The Ten O'Clock News (four new rock tracks), Mandatory Metallica at 11 and the Midnight Snack.

This week, I'm pulling out all the stops on Mandatory Metallica. I purchased a copy of the Metallica recordings from the recent Dallas show, cleaned it up and will be running it piece by piece. Now, I had to scrub the profanity out of hardwired and I skip the between song chatter (for the most part), but other than that, you'll get every song, including Rob & Kirks solo (which is mostly I Disappear).

One again, it will start at 11, just a few minutes before the height of the full moon. It will go on for a couple of hours from there. Enjoy, and let's rock out this Saturday night.

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