Well, the big game is this weekend, then it's all over but the cryin'.

While we will certainly be rootin' for former Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs (if you root for Tom Brady, you are a bad person), we need all the rock we can get to ramp up to the game and a place to go when the game starts to suck -- or on refill runs for more snacks and beer.

Keep in mind this weekend we're doing Farewell to Football, with some huge sets of rocks. We'll be doing some Field Goals (that's three songs in a row), and some full-on Touchdowns, that's seven in a row.

We might even add in an extra point or even a safety. It's full-on buck-wild this weekend on 94.5 FMX, and we're throwin' the rule book out of the window.

All of the festivities get underway today at three o'clock with Tony Labrie and run around the clock. We will take a slight break for the House of Hair with Dee Snider Saturday morning from 6 to 9 a.m. (I love this show, it's excellent).

Let me also remind you that this excellent background music for those of you turning on the puppy bowl. The juxtaposition of the rock with the puppies frolicking just may be one of the cutest things you ever experience in your life (and don't even get me started on the kitty halftime show).

We will be here for you all weekend, so don't forget about us with the big game gets big boring.

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