We have a full-on paranormal situation developing at a Lubbock store.

I think it's time we call in The Ghost Hunters, Deep South Paranormal, The Ghost Brothers, Haunted Live, Paranormal Witness, Paranormal Lockdown, Ghost Stalkers, and anyone else who might be able to help.

We have a very scary situation happening and someone needs to get to the bottom of it. I had a 100 percent verified encounter with not one, but multiple ghosts. The encounter didn't take place at night, nor in a spooky old mansion, but in bright daylight in a store.

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I did not believe in ghosts until I saw these with my own eyes. I turned a corner and *BLAMMO* I got a face full of a five-star supernatural invasion. After I collected myself, I began contemplating: "Why are they are they here? What do they want from me? Who were they in real life?"

I think it's possible that sometimes it's best we don't know the answers to these types of questions, but my mind was spinning faster than my feet were trying to get out of there.

The craziest part is you could actually take these ghosts home with you. I don't know why anyone would intentionally invite the mischief a ghost might bring into their home, but that's on you (as far as my experience I don't think these were the poltergeist type of malevolent spirits because they seemed content to just hang around.)

I guess all of this is speculation and we should get right to it. These are the ghosts I saw:


Scary, right? I guess now that you've seen the evidence, I don't mind telling you that my first real-life encounter made me pee myself just a little (they look mournful and angry!).

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