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You may not have any luck changing people's attitudes on Facebook, but you can change up what you see.

Facebook populates your feed with the stuff you interact with most (for the most part, anyway). So my goal was to change things up a bit, with more fun, and less aggressive nonsense.

First, came the group "Uncomfortable Close-Ups of Pets," which is rockin'! This group features pictures of pets. No adoptions, fundraisers, etc. It's just pictures of pets. I have to tell you my Facebook feed is now awesome. It seems like I always have some fun stuff mixed in with everything else.

The first group was so successful that I started another one called "Uncomfortable Close-Ups of Food," and it's off to a banging start. It's just pictures of food with nothing else.

This has all been a wonderful exercise and I find myself checking out stuff from people I haven't talked to in years.

If you'd like to join one of these groups to break up all of the hate out there, then by all means do but what I'd really like to encourage you to do is to make one of your own. You can be another reason while people smile each and every day. Just do it. Think of a topic and/or something that you and your friends make have a lot of photos of, and go for it.

And if you want to see more FMX stuff in your Facebook feed, here's how.

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